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Writing Your Life

I read a post by Benjamin P. Hardy this morning that aligned quite well with my current mental state.

The more I study writing, the more I realize how much narrative impacts our daily lives. Almost everything we hear, read, and watch is story. We even speak to ourselves with narrative in our thoughts. History, religion, news… all stories.

Furthermore, as Benjamin’s article points out, we’re all really actors, playing out the scenes of our lives as characters we’ve designed for ourselves. As an Aspie, it’s painfully obvious to me at times how much of life is really just “acting normal”, which helps spectrumfolk like me fit into the neurotypical narratives that surround me every day.

I guess the point is, for me at least, that studying film helps me be a better version of myself, allowing me to purposely structure my goals in a way that moves me forward through my own hero’s journey. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

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