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Splatter Flicks: How to Make Low-Budget Horror Films – Sara Caldwell

This is a well-written start-to-finish guide for aspiring horror filmmakers. I’ve read this book twice and will probably read it again.

Published in 2006, this book does begin to show its age a little towards the end, but it’ still very relevant. While author Sara Caldwell does have a few credentials of her own, this book really shines due to the input from moderately accomplished filmmakers whose films you can actually find and watch. Splatter Flicks contains plenty of tips and anecdotes from directors who successfully turned a few thousand bucks into distributed films, making it both educational and inspiring.

In my opinion, a great how-to book in film or music can’t be something you just read straight through; rather it should entice you down little rabbit holes that expand your experience beyond what a few hundred or so pages can cover. I found myself putting the book down regularly to check out a film or book referenced within, and the “Notable Directors of Horror” sidebar towards the middle of the book is an education unto itself.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in making low-budget genre films.

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