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Making It Big in Shorts – Kim Adelman

This book has a great cover and seems well-structured, which is why I didn’t hesitate much in buying it. I really wanted a great book on making short films. Unfortunately, this isn’t it.

In reality, the book seems like a collection of blog articles turned into a book. There are some decent tips in this book, but no topic is really covered in any depth. At the worst, there are are some “false starts”, like the section on “Foolproof Formulas” which could have been a great source of inspiration, but ends up reading like a comedic listicle of things you could try and why you shouldn’t. There’s also a section on “How to be a Good Director” in the chapter on essential how-to’s, where two of the six tips are “Be an Egoist” and “Wear a Baseball Cap”.

All-in-all, I can’t recommend this one.

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