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Show Don’t Tell: Micro-Budget Filmmaking

After listening to a few of Noam’s podcast episodes, if you still feel like something outside yourself is preventing you from making a film, you should probably find a different hobby.

If I had just one word to describe the Show Don’t Tell podcast series, it would be empowering. Spending a few hours listening to Noam speak about micro-budget filmmaking has left me feeling ultra-confident that I can actually do this thing. Do yourself a favor and check it out. I especially recommend “When To Quit Your Day Job And Pursue Filmmaking Full Time” if you feel yourself needing a kick in the pants.

Especially if you’re having trouble getting started and find predefined structure helpful in getting things done, Noam’s advice on scheduling and budgeting micro-budget films may turn out to be your holy grail. In the episode entitled “From Idea to Finished Film: Making a Micro-Budget Feature in 6 Months” (described in detail in this article on Noam’s blog), Noam sets out a schedule of how to get from development to post-production. The production schedule is further broken down into a 12-day shooting schedule in “Scheduling A 12 Day Micro-Budget Feature Film Production“. Noam also details a budget breakdown in “Breaking Down The Budget For A $12,000 Feature Film“, based on his ideal five person micro-budget crew.

As you can see, between Noam’s podcast, website, and newsletter, there’s enough solid, actionable information to plan out your feature film in detail, and in a way that really seems achievable without necessarily “getting noticed” or “getting lucky”.